Camp Simmons Honors State Rep. Fred Camillo as ‘Celebrity Lunch Chef’. (by: ANNEMARIE KRISTOFF)

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Connecticut State Representative Fred Camillo enthusiastically grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for the Camp Simmons children and staff on Friday afternoon. This barbecue took place at Camp Simmons on Lake Avenue.

Camp Simmons is a nine-week long summer camp hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich. Activities for this camp include swimming, canoeing, archery, basketball, soccer, and more.

Camp director Don Palmer spoke about how much this camp means to him.

“I enjoy the campers, the staff, the CITs. I enjoy making sure the kids are having a fun time while maintaining a safe environment,” he said, “That’s what summer is all about: fun, safety, and making friends.”

Palmer also mentioned how his favorite part of the job is being able to make a difference in the lives of his campers.

“It’s a very rewarding job,” he added. “They make a difference in my life everyday just by letting me into their world.”’

Fred Camillo, a former camper himself, arrived with a smile on his face.

“At a lot of these things weren’t here when I was younger – like the basketball courts. I remember the field was the biggest field in the world. I remember it as a lot bigger than what it was,” he said.

PHOTOS: Camp Simmons Honors State Rep. Fred Camillo as ‘Celebrity Lunch Chef’

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