CRUMBINE: First Selectman Camillo Has Led On The Environment And Deserves A Second Term

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A successful leader is someone who inspires people to be better, sets attainable goals for the future and has broad support to attain those goals. First Selectman Fred Camillo has accomplished all three of those objectives and more in his first term in office. He has my ardent support for a second term.

As we all know, Fred’s first term has been dominated by the challenge of the pandemic. His navigation of Covid has been a real success. With more than 80% of residents having been vaccinated and Fred’s willingness to take precautionary measures when needed, our community has weathered the Covid crisis better than most. I am most grateful for that.

Even in the shadow of pandemic clouds, Fred has made progress on many other important fronts. His blight ordinance has given the Town more leeway in dealing with properties that have been left to decay to the detriment of surrounding property values. This is important.

Fred is an avid outdoorsman and has always been a vocal advocate for more green spaces and for the preservation and protection of our natural environment. He has put forth several Green Initiatives in order to help deal with the environmental challenges we face as a community.

Fred has assembled a First Selectman’s Flood Task Force to study how we can be better prepared for storms like we recently experienced. He has also formed the Energy Management Advisory Committee and the Sustainability Committee; added new items to our town wide recycling list (textiles and food scraps); installed the Town’s first ever EV charging stations at Town Hall; added money in the budget for coastal resilience, and included specific greenery requirements in all town RFP’s.

Part of what makes Greenwich such a beautiful place to live is its geography and natural beauty. As First Selectman, Fred Camillo has walked the walk when it comes to making the environment a priority.

As First Selectman, Fred must also serve as the spokesman of our town. I have heard so many stories from neighbors and friends about how after they sent Fred an email, or left him a voicemail with a concern or question, they received a phone call from him to discuss their issue. Fred is a great ambassador for Greenwich and he treats everyone as though they are a friend. That’s the way we should all treat one another.

Please join me in voting for First Selectman Fred Camillo on November 2nd. He is most deserving of a second term in office.

NOTE: For the Nov 2, 2021 Municipal election of First Selectman, Selectman, Tax Collector, Town Clerk, Board of Education, Board of Estimate and Taxation, Board of Assessment Appeals, and Constable, letters to the editor in support of candidates will be accepted for consideration for three weeks:

• Beginning: October 5, 2021
• Deadline: Oct 26, 2021 at 5:00pm (one week before election)

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