Fred Camillo Warns of the Danger of Long-term Debt at Forum

 In Policy positions

In the forum held by Greenwich Association of Realtors and the Greenwich Property Owners Association as well as the Chamber of Commerce, Fred Camillo held fast to his principals of fiscal responsibility. That entails funding town projects using modified pay-as-you-go, incorporating Public-Private Partnerships whenever possible, and prioritization of the most vital projects.

Meanwhile his opponent, even after protesting the characterization of her position, tripled down on her scheme to introduce more long-term debt financing in Greenwich. She again stated she would identify her grand wish list of projects and then only subsequently figure out how to pay for them. The use of long-term borrowing must never become the standard here. Greenwich has thrived under Republican leadership using the modified pay-as-you-go financing blueprint. Long-term borrowing always leads to spending more than you can afford.

The debt burden along with increased spending will crush the middle-class people of the town and their children. Fred Camillo understands that and will never allow it to become our policy.

Paid for by Fred for First, Joseph Romano, Treasurer. Approved by Fred Camillo.

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