LETTER: Camillo Called for Action on Data Privacy

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Letter to the editor from Hillary Long, Southport

The residents of Greenwich are fortunate to have someone of Fred Camillo’s caliber, ability and accomplishment running for First Selectman. In the upcoming election, Greenwich residents have the chance to elect a leader with a track record of success as a State Representative in Hartford who also has a vested personal interest in the history of the town while being focused on the future. Fiscally responsible, open minded and genuine, Fred’s willingness to connect with others, actively listen to their concerns, then take appropriate action makes Fred the best qualified candidate to lead Greenwich as First Selectman.

I can attest to Fred’s willingness to do the right thing. As a State Representative in Hartford, Fred was the only State Rep who responded quickly and appropriately for a call to action in the area of data privacy. A forward thinker and tech savvy, he showed a readiness to take the lead on a very important issue, reach across the aisle, and work hard to educate Hartford legislators, regardless of party, on the importance of personal data, cyber threats and privacy.

Whether you are a Democrat, Independent or a Republican, Fred Camillo is the right choice for First Selectman of Greenwich. Please vote for Fred on November 5th.

Hillary Long

The deadline to submit a letter to the editor regarding candidates in the Nov 5 municipal election is Tuesday Oct 29 at 5pm.

Paid for by Fred for First, Joseph Romano, Treasurer. Approved by Fred Camillo.

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