Letter: Camillo has ‘bold new vision’

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As we live through these tumultuous times, we are so fortunate to have First Selectman Fred Camillo at the helm. Lucky for us, he is willing to run again!

Our first selectman has a grand vision for the future of our town. His strategy is to enhance Greenwich’s vibrancy and energy as we move forward. The plan is to assure “our town is positioned to meet the future with smart choices and sustainable growth.”

To this end, he has created a committee called Greenwich Reimagined, with Selectwoman Lauren Rabin as the chair. Its purpose is to revitalize and restore the various stores and restaurants and most importantly, in the wake of the pandemic, communal life on Greenwich Avenue.

Another long-term event for which he should be admired, is the town’s handling of the pandemic. Fred asked us to adhere to the governor’s stipulated guidelines through his weekly directives to us, the citizens. We have now reached a level of comfort that will allow us to open up more doors closed so long. This, of course, will lead to a return to a productive economy within our town as well as the state.

Camillo has demonstrated resilience to criticism toward his bold new vision for our town. His ideas and their inception are forward-looking and geared toward a younger demographic, those who are already and those now becoming town citizens. We are being carefully guided into the new wave, the one that will keep our town one of the best places to live and prosper. Above all, our first selectman, Fred Camillo, puts the needs and rights of the citizens of Greenwich first and foremost!

Irene Dietrich of Cos Cob is a member of the Republican Town Committee.

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