Letter: Camillo’s ‘clear vision for Greenwich’s future’

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This coming November, Greenwich voters will have the opportunity to re-elect my friend, Fred Camillo, as first selectman. As a resident of Chickahominy, community activist, member of the armed forces, husband, son, and brother, I want to underscore one of Fred’s most important qualities: his ability to unify us through difficult times and through successes.

As Greenwich endured some of its greatest challenges over the last couple of years — from the pandemic to the pressures the state legislature attempts to saddle our town with — Fred led with a clear vision for Greenwich’s future. More importantly, we’ve seen this vision materialize: downtown continues to improve, new projects move forward with comprehensive community input, neighborhood revitalization projects are flourishing, we have become more pro-active stewards of our environment, and we have achieved the greatest successes possible in our fight against COVID.

There will be challenges ahead: the greatest resource we can capitalize on as we confront those is a robust and profound sense of unity. Fred inspires that. My family in Chickahominy and Riverside will be supporting Fred and we hope you will support him too.

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