Letter from Fred Camillo on Tipping Fees (fee paid to disposes waste in our transfer station).

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As I meet with each Town Department and examine their budgets in search of efficiencies, the issue of tipping fees for haulers is again a topic of discussion in relation to the DPW. A Tipping Fee is a fee paid by anyone who disposes of waste in a landfill, or in our case, the Transfer Station. On its face it seems to make sense to institute fees and let haulers pass the cost on to their customers. However, the imposition of Tipping Fees is nothing more than an additional tax on our residents. It also camouflages increased costs for every town resident and business as well as public buildings as private contractors for town facilities pass on the cost to taxpayers. Moreover, residents who take their trash to the transfer station for free will have fees imposed on them. We must be upfront and transparent about these costs.

Tipping fees also allow larger companies to absorb costs that many local “mom and pop” businesses cannot, thus forcing out the smaller companies and resulting in an industry consolidation that has resulted in higher costs in other communities.

While I cannot support the increased cost of tipping fees, we must ensure all waste dumped at the Greenwich Transfer Station does in fact originate in Greenwich. There should be daily random spot checks of haulers and hefty fines and penalties imposed on any hauler abusing the system.

Fred Camillo

Candidate for First Selectman

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